Anison World Summary 2011

Like I say in my previous post, originality wasn’t the forte this year among anison singers and seiyuus, but it wasn’t that bad. A lot of them stayed to their roots so the result was for some really nice but others quite boring.

Nana Mizuki

Well, Nana stayed to her roots and it didn’t really paid off in my opinion. Her music become more and more flavorless and she don’t take as much risks I would like. In her releases she has a lot of version 2.0 from already existing songs : POP MASTER = SUPER GENERATION, SCARLET KNIGHT = ETERNAL BLAZE, 7COLORS = Perfect Smile etc…) Also, songs like UNBREAKABLE or ROMANCERS’ NEO become really boring because she has a ton like these in her discography. The only risk she took this year was HIGH-STEPPER and fortunately I like it.



Minori Chihara

This year was really a mixed bag for me with Minorin : she released some really good b-sides but some of the worst a-sides in her career. Let’s begin with the good points, ”Raison pour la saison” is probably the best work Daisuke Kikuta has done for Minorin since Paradise Lost and she tackled a new style that suits her really well with Fukakutei Seigenri. Also, Defection and TERMINATED are really enjoyable title tracks that do the job effectively. However, I don’t know which one of KEY FOR LIFE or Planet Patrol is worst because both are equally dreadfull.

Highlights : Raison pour la saison, Fukakutei Seigenri, TERMINATED

Fails : KEY FOR LIFE, Planet Patrol, all boring ballads since KEY FOR LIFE single.

Yui Horie

Hocchan didn’t release a lot of stuff this year but she gave us excellent work like the memorable Immoralist or the fast-paced True truly love. These are songs that go directly in my favorites from her. Although the PRESENTER single was kinda safe from here, the sound was still interesting and I didn’t feel bored by the single at all. The only letdown from her was HOLYDAY which seems pale compared with the two other songs from the same single.

Hightlights : Immoralist, True truly love


Maaya Sakamoto

It was a really busy year for Maaya (1 album, 2 singles, 1 mini-album) but I think it really paid off because each release has his own charm and was well done. ”You can’t catch me” is not my favorite album from her but it’s still has strong tracks like ”Himitsu” or ”Utsukushii Hito”, it’s a shame that other ballads on the album are not really memorable compared to ”Kazeyomi”. One of the true gem is her collaboration with School Food Punishment for Buddy which is awesome. Also, I’m liking ”Driving in the silence” more than I thought, Maaya’s self-composed song is really good and Ramsus Faber did an excellent job with Maaya. However, the mini-album has a whole is not really impressive.

Highlights : Buddy, Himitsu, Sayonara Santa, Tegami, Melt the snow in me

Fails : stand up girls!!, Topia, Kotoshi Ichiban

Random thoughts

Faylan : She completely lost her spark and only boring songs are coming from her minus Shuumatsu no Fractale.

Sphere : I like Hazy… that’s all and their solo works is a mess.

Kanako Itou : She stayed to her roots and it worked. Flawless

Natsuko Asou : I hope she’ll stop her sugar rush concept one day, but Precious Tone is surprisingly not annoying at all.

Kotoko : Good thing she changed label

Eri Kitamura : Good thing she changed label

Daisuke Ono : Scary.

Minami Kuribayashi : She finally pulled a good song (STRAIGHT JET) since Miracle Fly. Let’s wait another 2 years.

Maon Kurosaki : Pretty generic, she needs her own spark. Her two singles were good though.

Fripside : After ”only my railgun” their songs sound like noise to me.

Yousei Teikoku : Still strong and full of energy

Yukari Tamura : I like Endless Story, and her last album I listened to it in 10 minutes (it says everything).

Supercell : Their last album was kinda ok I guess, but why the hell Ryo did you flush Nagi? The instrumentals save Koeda in ”my dearest”.


One response to “Anison World Summary 2011

  1. Huhu I like that post. Kinda agree with you about UNBREAKABLE, Stay Gold, etc. But I can’t say I don’t like it. But yeah, High-Stepper is a great success for me. About Hocchan’s releases, Holiday was good at first, but then it became soooo annoying, I almost hate it now. Immoralist is definitely the best thing that happened in 2011. Planet Patrol is lol, but that’s why I like it. Terminated is average for me.. Nothing very special from this song. I didn’t even leak it www

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