Confused Planet Patrol

Hi! The special page on lantis site for Minorin’s coming single ”Planet patrol” is finally up with the PV. After seeing it, my level of sanity is all messed up, wondering if I should be amazed or amused with what I’ve seen. However, one thing is clear,  I don’t want to be sliced by Minorin’s  mighty extinguishing candle hand.

(Thank you Lantis to not have edited unwanted single cover in corners at least once)

First off all, the song itself. My first impression listening the radio rip two weeks back was kinda neutral : it doesn’t scream awesomeness but it’s catchy in his own way ~future wink as of now~.  With the genki vibe the song gives, I thought the PV would have shown Minorin standing as usual happily in galactic space, but I was all wrong. We got for the first time an attempt of a storyline of Minorin tough road to become an ultimate uta-garuta player. Seriously, we got the all package : Minorin sweeping cards without touching them, Minorin sweeping cards blindfolded, Minorin sweeping cards that cut folding screens, Minorin is rapping in the song, old lady lip synching  the rap, Loli-Minorin tough childhood with strict father, caring mother who leave home, final battle between Minorin and her lost mother. What the hell is going on? Bumpy summer song with dramatic PV and cards technique against the laws of physique, can I be anymore confused???

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