I My Me Mine

I’m not really sure why I create this blog in the first place, since my English is really basic and I don’t really know if I have so much to say. However, I need to press-out my ota-wannabe self in a way.

Indeed, my friends are not really into seiyuu-idols stuff and they are not really interested about my fanboying =P. In the end, I’m not talking about seiyuus related stuff as much I would like.  So, this blog is kinda a place where I can share my toughts about anison music and blaba [….] Zzzz.

End of rubbish intro

My name is Lakitic, a 19 year’s old guy from Montréal, Canada who is worshipping contemplating Nana Mizuki and Minori Chihara and having a normal student’s life only if I do not find myself in a kitchen. Indeed, the idea of Can’t Boil Noodles came of my inability (not retarted as Ayahime) to cook and I wanted something insignificant with the content but catchy in a way.

You can mail me at lakitic@hotmail.com


I’m not a big fan of anime, but I like to watch some time to time. I count in my favorites Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Elfen Lied and lately K-ON!


I love japanese music and more specifically seiyuus like Minorin, Nana-chan, Yui Horie,  Maaya Sakamoto etc. My interest for them only borned in 2007  so I’m still new into this I guess.
Also, I listen too a lot of anison artists like Faylan, Yousei Teikoku, Angela etc.
I’m not limited to anime music, I enjoy(ed) quite a lot school food punishment, Kou Shibasaki, High and Mighty Color, UVERworld etc.


I’m an avid gamer
My native language is French (Oui)
I’m left-handed

Thank you for reading this self-centred post!


3 responses to “I My Me Mine

  1. hey! that’s a great start for a beginner (lol). I’m not too into the seiyuu world but it looks interesting. I’m looking forward to other posts of yours. Good luck.

  2. Ooooh, a fellow left-handed person ^^ Thanks for the comment on my blog! I’ll be keeping an eye on this place, so I look forward to your posts~~

  3. Ohhh tu es français(e) j’aime les français ! Je parle très bien français, en effet j’étudie cette langue depuis que je suis né. Je possède même la nationalité. Amazing, right? Bref, j’ai découvert ce blog par pur hasard, j’ai hâte de lire tes posts. 😀

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